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MultiLink 2 rack IX425 PDF Drukuj Email


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Interface converter Ethernet 10/100baseT/V.35 PDF Drukuj Email

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MultiLink 2 IXP425 PDF Drukuj Email

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Basic features:

·         operational system: Linux 2.6 (updating possibility)

·         communication processor Intel® Xscale IXP425  533MHz or 266MHz (depending upon version)

·         DRAM 256MB or 64MB (depending upon version)

·         BOOT ROM 128Mb with hardware protection against writing

·         additional butli-in I2C memory type  512Kb1 Flash, for keeping in memory for example user configuration

·         2 ports V.35 or 2 ports channelized E1 (2048 kbit/s G.703/G.704) or 1 port V.35 and 1 port E1

·         2 ports 10/100/1000 baseT

·         2 ports 10/100 baseT or 2 ports 100 baseFx or 1 port 10/100 baseT and 1 port 100 baseFx

·         4 ports USB 2.0 (with external USB/Ethernet adapter each port USB can became Ethernet 10/100  baseT port)

·         2 ports RS232 921 kbit/s

·         1 IDE connector or 2 SATA connectors

·         1 mini PCI slot ( WiFi, Ethernet, SATA cards)

·         butli-in supplier 110 – 230V AC

·         power consumption: 7W

·         dimensions (W x H x D): standalone version 225x43x170, rack version 19” 19” x 1U x 9,6”

·         weight: standalone version 0,65kg, rack version 19” 3,5 kg


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MicroRouter PDF Drukuj Email

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MicroRouter is sophisticated data transmission device, designed with  VLSI  integrated circuits  in  SMD technology, of small  size, low power  and high reliability.MicroRouter module is built up on IXP421 Intel® processor, with Linux 2.6 operation system. MicroRouter can be employed in bridge mode or in router mode. MicroRouter two ports for external use and two internal ports. One of them  is  RS232 console interface for configuration the parameters. In router mode there are many possibilities of data flow control.  There are following features in router mode:

·       arrange of packet translation between interfaces

·       Destination Network Address Translation (DNAT) configuration,

·       configuration of DNS Server for local networks,

·       local network managment through DHCP server;

·       Firewall configuration

·       statistics presentation

MicroRouter parameters:

- procesor:                            Intel® IXP421 266 MHz

- operation system:                Linux 2.6 – start time about 30s

- operational memory RAM:  32MB

- Flash memory:                   16MB


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Interface Converter E3/DS3/STS-1 G.703//Eth/V.35/RS530/HSSI PDF Drukuj Email
Interface Converter E3/DS3/STS-1 to G.703//Eth/V.35/RS530/HSSI
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  • signal conversion acc. rec G.703 G.703 p.11 ITU into signals:
    • Ethernet 10/100baseT
    • acc. rec. ITU V.35
    • acc. EIA530 standard
    • acc. HSSI standard
    and opposite, with the aid of interchangeable interface modules – Eth 10/100baseT Beta 2, V.35, RS530 and HSSI
  • duplex, synchronous data transmission with speed 34,368 Mbit/s (E3) or 44,736 Mbit/s (DS3) or 51,84 Mbit/s (STS1) over symmerical cable 75Ω
  • interface G.703: asymmetrical 75Ω, code HDB3 (option B3ZS)
  • range on G.703 interface: 50m
  • equipped with interchangeable interface modules: Ethernet 10/100BaseT, EIA530, V.35 or HSSI
  • power supply: 230VAC or 48VDC
  • local loop acc. rec. V.54 ITU
  • plastic case
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